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Satya Wellness was created with the intention of providing a neutral, affordable, accessible space for the community of Williams Lake to explore alternative health and wellness modalities.

We offer this space for rent by the hour with the idea of bringing people with the same intention together under one roof. To provide a platform that allows you the practitioner to do business in the health and wellness industry without burning out. We know how much energy is expended in the role of service provider and how much work goes into running your own business.

We feel that sharing will not only feed our business and souls but will also feed yours. Joining Satya Wellness is joining a community, a network of support that is focused on raising our vibrations together.

Individually, we are one drop. Together, we are an ocean.” Ryunosuke Satoro

Room Rental Rate is $16.80/75 minutes including tax.  Purchase Time NOW.

Satya Wellness Code of ETHICS

  1. Each member will be guided by truth, fairness, and integrity.
  2. Each member agrees to support the ongoing education of holistic services offered to the public.
  3. Each member agrees to act in a professional and responsible manner towards clients.
  4. Each member agrees to support and positively promote the actions and establishments of each active member in good standing in an unbiased and non- judgmental manner.
  5. Each member agrees to express their opinions, in any form of media, honestly and accurately without making any unfounded scientific allegations relating to therapeutic results that may be false or misleading.
  6. Each member agrees to stay within their own area of competence and scope of professional practice. As a customer service function and where appropriate, a member may suggest to their clients that they might seek professional assistance elsewhere relating to any condition that is beyond the scope of the professional practice of the member.
  7. Each member agrees to leave the Wellness room in the same condition that they received it by ensuring that the space is left clean and clear. Clearing spray and disinfectant for the massage table are provided.

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