our story

Satya Yoga Studio is Williams Lake’s first dedicated yoga studio.

The concept for Satya Yoga Studio came from a dream of changing Delainey’s Center into a Wellness Center.  Satya is the foundation of this dream.  Tricia and Angie worked on Greg for 5 years talking about doing something with the family building.  It took the ladies 5 years to hone the focus to the first building block of the center – Satya Yoga Studio.

Angie and Tricia went to school together but were not really tight, more just acquaintances.  It wasn’t until 2003 that their paths crossed and an immediate bond was formed.  They entered each others lives at pivotal moments.  Each at a time of change, their meeting would be discussed over the years of how it was meant to be.  Especially during hard times, each one of the ladies has experienced great pain and loss on many levels, it’s been their friendship and yoga that lifts them; up dusts them off; and sends them on their way.

Each of them found yoga through illness and injury.  It was these experiences that formed the first building block of the Wellness Center dream.  The vision became crystal clear to the ladies and with an idea of a Yoga Studio business they were able to gain the support of Greg to convince his father to let these ladies loose in his building.

Satya Yoga Studio & Wellness is a business of friendship; of lifting people up; and of helping to provide an environment that encourages community and a better way of living.  Learning to connect with our lives and the people in them, how to give ourselves permission to just be.