Initiation: Taking Flight

Initiation: Taking Flight

In cultivating health and happiness in our lives, it’s helpful to look at life as a spectrum. Some aspects of life can seem rather ordinary and routine. We go to work, make meals and interact with our friends and family. We must be on time and honour our obligations so that we pay the bills and build a life that meets our basic needs (and hopefully more!). Taking care of business in this way is vitally important to living a healthy and grounded life. It means attaining balance and mastery on the physical plane of nature. Somehow we know that focusing on this part of the spectrum alone does not equal fulfillment, though, does it? What is missing from the picture? I’m sure you could come up with a few suggestions, including your favorite hobbies, great entertainment, intimacy with friends and lovers, time in nature and on and on. So, what is it about all of these other aspects of life that feeds us? Simply, it gives our lives depth. The subtle body, or your energy body, contains all the juicy bits of your life on the spectrum, including emotions, thoughts, how we are in relationship and all the aspects of your spiritual self. When someone talks with you about doing inner work, shadow work, energy healing, counseling, etc., they are really speaking to the ways in which we work on our subtle or energetic self. The fact is there are so very many ways of tuning in and strengthening these unseen aspects of our being. We are so fortunate in this time and place to be able to experiment with wisdom and techniques that can get us in touch and
transform our lives.

This offering of Body~Soul~Flow: The Sacred Blend, will be a place where you can try out a few of those techniques. In each class, I’d like to introduce certain methods that can help you delve deeper into your subtle body in order for you to Know Your Self more fully. Some of these methods will be familiar, like yoga postures and reflective writing. Some may be less so, and I hope that excites you and your soul’s curiosity.

Meditation and mantras, sacred poetry, some hands-on healing work and beautiful soundscapes will be a staple part of what I bring to the table (or mat!) each week. Each month, I’ll work with an overarching theme that links the practice together, because the soul speaks in symbols and story and the soul is what we’re here to explore… So, on February 5th, I’ll begin at the beginning! The theme Initiation and The Seeker will provide us with the imagery and impulse to create the space in our lives for a dose of sacred practice, to explore new techniques and our inner being with intention, while coming together to practice in community. The beauty of practicing with others is that the work is amplified. I’m sure you’ve felt that practicing yoga: somehow, in class, you are stronger than you are at home on your own. For me, the act of teaching is one of humility, as I bow to the process of co-creating with you and seek out with fresh eyes and ears the beautiful wisdom traditions that I long to share with you. I hope you’ll join me in this creative exploration, the first series of classes I’m offering since the birth of my daughter 16 months ago!

Namaste, Venta.

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  1. Please remove my name from your email list. Although it’s interesting to receive them I live too far away to participate in your program. Best wishes

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