Health Beyond Nutrition

Health Beyond Nutrition

w/Deanna Deacon

Friday November 24th 6-8:00pm

A Holistic Approach to Lifestyle Balance for high-achieving women that need clarity, groundedness & space in their lives.

Through a combination of writing, discussion & gently guided yoga poses, you will begin to understand how your physical pains are indicators of emotional, spiritual & mental imbalances.  We will explore all elements of your Health; focusing on your physical body, emotional relationships, self-purpose and spirituality. Through movement and awareness you will eliminate stress, create more energy, release stored emotions and cultivate a true sense of Happiness!

**this workshop is open to all genders and anyone over 15 years of age & requires a min of 10 to run**

Deanna Deacon is an intuitive coach that specializes in Divine Feminine Empowerment for high-achieving women and the Founder of Deanna coaches women to understand their physical pain patterns to acknowledge their body as an intuitive map. This body map empowers women to awaken their feminine intuition and release the daily stress of pain patterns, emotional fluctuations, nutritional imbalances and low energy.

We live in a pre-dominantly masculine world and it’s time women acknowledged their natural healing abilities within their own bodies.

Date(s) - November 24 2017
6:00 pm - 8:00 pm

Satya Yoga Studio



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