Tension Release Exercises (TRE)

Wednesday September 27 – October 25th

Registered Social Worker and Counsellor Barbara Borsutzky and Physiotherapist Bryn Thompson will be offering a series of classes in Dr. Bercelli’s TRE, Tension/Trauma Release Exercises.

This series of exercises when held in a conscious environment allow the body to enter a deep state of relaxation which facilitates the releasing of tension and/or trauma that has accumulated in the body. The class takes 70-90 minutes depending upon a person’s individual experience.

There are a limited number of spots for continuing students and a limited number of spots for people new to the practice. Please contact  Barbara and Bryn for more information or questions regarding Dr. Bercelli’s technique.

You must register per session.  Session dates are listed below.

Space is limited to 12 participants.

Insight Yoga: Nourishment, Grounding & Strength for the Fall 

w/ Ciel Patenaude

Fridays 4:00-5:15pm

October 6th-November 10th

This 6 week series will focus on nervous system regulation, emotional health, and creating a sense of solidity in the physical and energetic bodies. In Autumn, the energy around us is moving from the more active states we enjoy during summer into slowness, asking us to go along with it. And yet, too often this time of year can be busier than any other, causing depletion and exhaustion both today and throughout the winter months! To really support our well-being, carving out time to connect with our inner ground is essential, and will allow us to move through the winter with greater peacefulness, ease, physical balance and insight.

Beginner-friendly! All levels welcome.

Breath of Bliss Ceremony

w/ Carla Wainwright

SATURDAY November 4th from 6-9pm

Join Carla, an embodied yoga facilitator with more than 20 years experience, for a journey through sacred ceremony to explore and discover your true essence.

Move your body. Deepen presence. Explore connection exercises. Enjoy deep sharing and conscious touch. Then dive into an hour + of circular connected breath and discover what wants to be felt, seen and realized within you. From anger to ecstasy, you are encouraged to embrace it all.

Ceremony Theme: Self Love & The Breath

The Breath is a sacred tool that lies within us all and when used effectively has the power to:

• Cleanse, detoxify & nourish our bodies

• Heighten states of consciousness and awareness

• Unlock & access ancient codes of wisdom, truth & guidance

• Connect us with our Highest Self/Knowing – our true essence

• Release & heal past/present wounds, traumas and suffering

• Gain clarity & direction

• Amplify intuition & creativity

• Connect us to a reservoir of aliveness and dissolve barriers to love

• Awaken & align us with our divine purpose


Early Bird before October 15th ~ $57 + tax

Regular Price ~ $77 + tax

Early Bird Combo before October 15th ~ both Diving DEEP and Breath of Bliss ~ $113.40

Diving Deep Somatic & Emotional Relief w/ Yin Yoga and EFT

w/ Carla Wainwright

SUNDAY Nov. 5th from 12:30-3:30pm

Join Carla for an exploration of how to dive deep into our bodies and emotions using the practices of YIN Yoga, QiGong Healing Sounds and EFT (Emotional Freedom Technique). Together we will use these practices to access our energetic meridian system in order to relieve psycho-logical stress and pain, breakthrough limiting beliefs & increase emotional/physical ease and comfort – all of which help you create the life you want and express your potential more fully!


Early Bird before Oct 15th $57+tx

Regular Price $77+tx.

Early Bird Combo before October 15th ~ both Diving DEEP and Breath of Bliss ~ $113.40

Kids Zone ~ Theatrical Dance

w/ Miss White Spider Arts

Ages 3-7

Tuesdays 3:30-4:30pm 

November 7 – December 19

Program Philosophy:
Participation in this dance promotes self-confidence, self-esteem, and a strong sense of self-identity. When students are able to express feelings and ideas through artistic movement, they gain self-awareness and often self-acceptance. Creative movement experiences promote both self-reflection and a deeper appreciation for others. The communal nature of dance learning often helps students who might otherwise feel isolated or alienated in group settings.  We will explore gross motor skills such as balance, coordination, timing, agility, co-operation and leadership skills

Minimum participation requirement is 9 pre-registered in order to run the program with a max of 15.

Mums or caregivers are welcome to stay with their children if they need a parent otherwise it is encouraged to drop them off for the hour.

Program structure:
3:30 – 3:40 Opening circle
3:40 – 3:45 warm up dance
3:45 – 4:00  Play with props
4:00 – 4:10 Teacher leads children through a guided visualization where they enact the various elements/animals/characters of the story set to music and sound.
4:15 – 4:20 Cool down
4:25 – Closing circle

Health Beyond Nutrition

w/Deanna Deacon

Friday November 24th 6-8:00pm

A Holistic Approach to Lifestyle Balance for high-achieving women that need clarity, groundedness & space in their lives.

Through a combination of writing, discussion & gently guided yoga poses, you will begin to understand how your physical pains are indicators of emotional, spiritual & mental imbalances.  We will explore all elements of your Health; focusing on your physical body, emotional relationships, self-purpose and spirituality. Through movement and awareness you will eliminate stress, create more energy, release stored emotions and cultivate a true sense of Happiness!

**this workshop is open to all genders and anyone over 15 years of age & requires a min of 10 to run**

Deanna Deacon is an intuitive coach that specializes in Divine Feminine Empowerment for high-achieving women and the Founder of Deanna coaches women to understand their physical pain patterns to acknowledge their body as an intuitive map. This body map empowers women to awaken their feminine intuition and release the daily stress of pain patterns, emotional fluctuations, nutritional imbalances and low energy.

We live in a pre-dominantly masculine world and it’s time women acknowledged their natural healing abilities within their own bodies.

Annual Punch Card Sale!

December 16th ~ 1:00-4:00pm in Studio

December 17th ~ on line until Midnight

We are raising our rates effective January 1, 2018!

Don’t miss out on this opportunity to stock up on your punch cards and monthly unlimited passes!  It’s been years since we have raised our prices and in order to continue in business we need to increase our drop in and punch card prices.   Punch Cards will increase from $140 to $150 including tax.  60-75 min drop in classes will increase from $14 to $17  and the lunch classes will increase from $9.50 to $10.

Punch cards will be on sale for $125 and monthly unlimited passes will be on sale for $99.  There are no limits on how many or what type of pass you buy!  The only limitation is that passes will only be on sale these two days!

Purchases can be made on line, by e-transfer to or in person on December 16th between 1-4pm.

Passes will not be available to purchase until December 16th.

Out of the Chaos into Calm De-Stress w/ Kundalini Yoga

w/ Anna Marsh

Sunday December 17th 12:30-3:30pm

We live in a stressful world, and more often than not, we don’t know how to manage it. Work, family, and regular daily commitments cause plenty of stress on their own, and the stress is exacerbated by perceived crisis situations that emerge from time to time. A common mantra these days is “I’m totally stressed out!” Thankfully, Kundalini Yoga offers plenty of tools for managing stress. In fact, stress management is a wonderful side effect of a consistent Kundalini Yoga practice!

This ancient technology employs movement, breath work, meditation and mantra which affect various systems of the brain and body. The physical effects of the exercises pressurize the glandular system, creating a physiological response that counters the effects of stress. The parasympathetic nervous system is strengthened, counteracting the “fight or flight response that is triggered by stress.

Join Anna in a workshop designed to introduce Kundalini yoga techniques aimed at bringing calm to your daily life.


Anna Marsh will forever be grateful for the running injury that promptred her to try yoga. Not only was it helpful in her physical recovery, it also gave her the spiritual path she had been seeking. In 2012 she received her certification in Hatha yoga at the Salt Spring Centre of Yoga. She began teaching at Sun and Sage Yoga in Quesnel, BC. Always on a quest, she attended some specialized yoga courses, such as Yin Yoga, Yoga for Cancer and Trauma Sensitive Yoga training. She discovered Kundalini yoga via Beyond Addiction: A Yogic Path to Recovery, a 16 week Kundalini based program. Thus began her love of this practice. Anna became certified as a Kundalini Yoga teacher in 2015. She spends most of her time in Vancouver, where she teaches and works at Yoga West. She also is involved in the Beyond Addiction program, sharing the techniques which have enhanced her life. Along with being a yoga instructor, Anna is a licensed hairstylist. She regularly returns to the Cariboo serving her longtime hair clients and guest teaching Hatha, Vinyassa, Yin and Kundalini yoga.