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  1. I had major surgery last year and have had complications with my lymphatic system and extensive scarring. On the recommendation of my massage therapist, I started at Satya Yoga studio in Sept., attempting to go 3 times weekly, and it has made an enormous difference to my general well-being. Tricia and Angie have been extremely caring and helpful. Yoga is now part of my life!

  2. Awesome that you offer different types of yoga classes at different times of the day so that working people can still attend even if they have schedules that change each week. Yoga has made me feel 10 years younger and has eliminated my arthritis pain! I can feel my body tighten back up when I miss classes for a couple of weeks so we will be seeing each other for years to come. Cheryl

  3. Every week I look forward to the wonderful sanctuary that Satya Yoga Studio offers. From the peacefulness of the room, the happy plants growing on the walls, the super clean and new equipment, to say nothing of the high-level of caring instruction. Williams Lake is blessed. Thank you.

  4. I have been practicing yoga for several years, and was thrilled when I moved to Williams Lake to discover a wonderful yoga studio with such knowledgeable instructors. Practicing at Satya is a truly embodying experience that will leave you feeling uplifted and grounded at the same time! Thanks so much!!

  5. My massage therapist says my hips have never been this relaxed, since starting yoga!

  6. Tricia has created a very warm and inviting atmosphere at Beginner Flow Class. My daughter Madalyn and I enjoy going together. A wide variety of props are available to accommodate every “bodies” unique needs. Tricia takes the time to provide participants with techniques to further expand upon their existing yoga practice.

  7. Hard to say what I like best…the knowledgeable instruction, comfortable warm room, sense of friendliness and fun. Best ever yoga!

  8. Love it! You guys make it SO easy to learn yoga! Great teachers, great space, great environment!

  9. I appreciate how attentive staff are to the individual needs of every patron.

  10. I am a beginner and find Trish & Angie very helpful. They spend time correcting your postures so you learn to do things right. I look forward to going to class every week.

  11. just wanted to say that i enjoy having our iyengar intermediate class at your lovely studio. the space is inviting, warm and well organized. (although a rope wall would be wonderful). the room is aesthetically pleasant, tidy and imparts a sense of calm. well done. thank you.

  12. Positive vibes flow the minute you walk in – beautiful studio, clean, organized, wonderful instructors with great knowledge of yoga. Once you take a class, you’ll keep going back for more.

  13. I have been attending Satya yoga since it began and always leave a class feeling good. I have some limitations in movement and the instructors always show me a way to modify my pose. It doesn`t matter that I am not as flexible as most, they provide such a positive experience that I feel very comfortable participating with others that are more supple then me. Cheryl G

  14. Tricia and Angie’s instruction during classes is not only informative and precise but fun, relaxed, and personal. They get to know each person and their medical conditions if any and adjust modifications if needed so that everyone can participate. I love their classes, it’s an amazing and great start, middle or end to my day.

  15. Love the classes, atmosphere, space……and of course all the amazing teachers!!

  16. I love you girls and I love YOGA

  17. Love your service!

  18. Good job girls. Looking forward to a bunch of classes this winter! Jason

  19. Its AMAZING to have a yoga studio in the community. I really value being able to attend classes which are essential for body and mind. I would love an early morning class, to start the day, as evenings often are busy for me. But overall I love Satya Yoga, Ang and Trish and the variety of workshops it offers. Thanks so much ladies:)

  20. our redneck guys would seem to be as far removed from yoga as the sun from the moon, but Tricia and Angie have made our class so welcome and fun that we all now enjoy flexibility and ease of movement (and an excellent night’s sleep!) after every class. We LOVE it … and now my husband knows how to take a deep breath!

  21. I have been taking iyengar yoga classes with katalin szauer for many years now and she is the reason I am leading such a happy and active life. one of the first things she taught me was to give my mind and body the lovely gift of my attention. iyengar yoga uses equipment to make the poses accessible to all body shapes and so I could quickly see that I was making progress. iyengar yoga emphasises body alignment; so for those of us with slightly crooked bodies it’s a joy to know that it is possible to change the way our body moves. katalin is so knowledgeable and dedicated to her work that I trust her completely and will attempt anything she asks. can you believe that at 66 years of age I achieved the first hand stand of my life?! come to class – you’ll be so glad you did.

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