Clean Plate Cleanse

It’s time for a clean slate.

The Clean Plate Cleanse™ is a gentle, guided, whole-foods based detox program designed with you in mind!

The Clean Plate Cleanse™ kicks off with a nutrition workshop that will introduce you to a spectrum of flavors and food that nourishes your body – from whole grains, glorious greens, beans & legumes, sea vegetables, good fats (yes, you need fat!), natural sweeteners and natural herbs and spices.

Then we will jump start your journey with a detox plan that is purely whole foods-based. This is not a ‘fast’ but rather a gentle weekly plan that is designed to nurture your body – we will focus on real, seasonal, delicious food and give your body a break from low-nutrition, processed, difficult to digest and high-allergenic foods.

The Clean Plate Cleanse™ is designed to support all phases of detoxification.

How does it work?

Beginning October 11th, for 21 days, we will go through a gentle detox protocol that utilizes whole foods. On October 11th, the first week’s materials will be released and the first teleconference “meeting” will be held. The group will meet via teleconference every Thursday. These meetings are optional but encouraged — you will be able to ask Jayda and Leah questions as well as hear your peers’ own experiences and questions. If you are unable to attend the teleconferences, a recording will be available the next day for you to view at a convenient time. Email and a private Facebook group will also be available for daily questions and feedback. Success comes with support!

DATES: Thursdays, October 11, 18 and 25

TIME: 5:30pm PST | 8:30pm EST

WHERE: Everywhere! Classes will be done via Teleconference.

Teleconference meetings are optional must strongly encouraged. Recordings of the teleconference meetings will be available for those you could not attend.

Daily online support will be available via email and through a closed Facebook group.


  1. I am on day three of this cleanse and I have to say it’s not too bad, once I wrapped my head around the meal planning and grocery shopping. The meals have been easy to make and delicious. I had a wicked headache on the second day from the caffeine withdrawal but overall I feel pretty great, I have noticed an increase in energy.

  2. Day 5 – feeling less hungry, skin looks brighter as does the skin under my eyes. Mood is balanced, only a few sugar and dairy cravings. Overall am finding this cleanse to be enjoyable.

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