brand new to us?

Brand New to our Studio?

Come and play with us!  Join our studio for One Month Unlimited for $35! That’s right!  We invite YOU to invest in YOURself. Contact us at and we will be happy to help you find the classes that suit both your needs and your schedule.

This offer is open to any persons whom have NOT had a class with us,  it doesn’t matter if you have never practiced yoga or you are an experienced yogi. We have a great selection of classes 7 days per week!

Offer available in studio only 🙂


  1. Hello,

    I would really like to do your one month unlimited but I took one class at satya over a year ago would I still be able to do the one month unlimited?

    Rahne Brunsch.

  2. is this deal still available? I would like to do this starting in january if possible

    • Yes it’s an ongoing deal for new to us people 🙂 Starts the day your purchase and goes for 30 days.

  3. I’m new to town and your studio and i would like to sign up for the month and also u have a weekend trip in late September?? Could i please sign up for that also?? Thank you Melodie

  4. Hi Tricia-
    Would love to try out some classes. I have a back injury and am finding my regular workouts painful. Currently, I am waiting for the CT scan, seen the chiropractor, now an acupuncturist, and waiting for the PT appointment. Do I just come to the studio to sign up? I need to do day classes- when the kids are at school. Please advise which class/classes would be beneficial. Thanks!!

    • Hi Leigh,

      Could you please send your email regarding your back injury to our account that way we can reply and won’t forget about it 🙂

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