Initiation: Taking Flight

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Initiation: Taking Flight In cultivating health and happiness in our lives, it’s helpful to look at life as a spectrum. Some aspects of life can seem rather ordinary and routine. We go to work, make meals and interact with our friends and family. We must be on time and honour our obligations so that we pay the bills and build a life that meets our basic needs (and hopefully more!). Taking care of business in this way is vitally important to living a healthy and grounded life. It means attaining balance and mastery on the physical plane of...

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Health is Just a Breath Away

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The De-Stress Button: health is just a breath away. We all have this amazing gift that we carry with us everywhere we go. A tool that enables us to burst into a fast sprint if we came across a bear in the bush, or to instill a sense of calm, clarity and increased immunity within us. This gift is our breath. In ancient yogic tradition learning how to control your breath is called pranayama or breath control. As we begin to learn how to control the breath, we can ultimately learn how still the mind, lower blood pressure, decrease stress,...

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Clean Plate Cleanse

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It’s time for a clean slate. The Clean Plate Cleanse™ is a gentle, guided, whole-foods based detox program designed with you in mind! The Clean Plate Cleanse™ kicks off with a nutrition workshop that will introduce you to a spectrum of flavors and food that nourishes your body – from whole grains, glorious greens, beans & legumes, sea vegetables, good fats (yes, you need fat!), natural sweeteners and natural herbs and spices. Then we will jump start your journey with a detox plan that is purely whole foods-based. This is not a...

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Welcome to Satya Yoga Studio!

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We are so pleased to announce our new website!

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